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How To Take Care Of Yourself This Winter

If you’re anything like me, you probably get a little bit sad and unmotivated when you see that it’s cold outside and that the sun (if there is any that day) disappears at 3:30pm. As an individual who thrives when it’s hot outside and the sun shines till 9:30 at night, I often perceive the coming of winter negatively. Therefore, I thought that I probably wasn’t the only one who feels like this, so I have come up with a list of my favorite things to do during the winter! Hopefully these things will brighten up your day and make it easier for you to stay motivated, even during the coldest of months.

1. Treat Yourself

Yes, buy those boots! At times even the simplest of gestures towards yourself can boost your mood and increase your happiness, indulge. This could be anything! You could get yourself a nice meal from your favorite restaurant, do a little holiday and winter shopping, or even book a 60-minute full body massage. Give yourself something to look forward to and enjoy.

2. Entertainment

Take a break! It’s good for you! As we near the end of term we have a pile of assignments and the weather just doesn’t seem to help you stay on track or motivated. So, take a break. Give yourself time in the day to unwind and do something fun. Go for a movie, read a book, or even just catch up on the latest Netflix show. The idea is to reward yourself for everything you’re accomplishing and introduce elements into your routine that make you happy and excited.

3. Exercise

It’s time to get up and work your body. Daily exercise has been known to effectively boost your serotonin and endorphin levels. A little bit of cardio or strength training can go a long way. It will help you stay motivated, energise you, and increase your self-esteem. So even if the weather is bleak, try to take at least 30 minutes out of your day to get moving and stay active.

4. Eat Right and Eat Good

Often times, when you’re feeling low and unmotivated, you start craving or opting for the unhealthy eating options. Junk food such as chips, pizza, and excessive sugary desserts. Instead, try to eat more wholesome and filling meals that pack in a lot of nutrition. Next time you’re reaching for a bag of chips, have some lightly salted popcorn, it’s still a great snack! Eat more well-rounded meals such as whole meat pasta with vegetables. Eating food with good nutrition will give you great energy and will also make you feel great about your choices!

These are some of the ways I stay happy and encouraged in the winter. Hope this helps if you’re feeling a little down when the cold season comes around! Happy holidays and stay warm!

International Business and Marketing student at the University of Leeds. My interests include food, travel, great TV shows, and keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty. If you're interested in my favorite food finds from around the world, follow me on @thehungrytourist on Instagram.
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