Feeling Burnt Out? Tips to Get Back on Track!

I don’t know how the rest of you are handling school these days, but if we’re comparing this term to the one we just had, I am completely burnt out. Zoom university has me feeling completely unmotivated and dreading anything school related. During the first online term, I was way more optimistic. I had a lot more motivation and desire to tackle this new wave of learning. Now that we’re in another semester of online school, I have lost all sort of momentum and would rather procrastinate. 

I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat as I am. The lack of responsibility and discipline I carry this time around is, in itself, unmotivating. I’m constantly telling myself to get my s*it together, but I still procrastinate. Some may say they love the online term; honestly, I am one of those people. However, the amount of discipline, self-regulation, and responsibility it takes to succeed in taking a full course load online is astronomical. 

There have been a few ways that I’ve managed to slowly get back on track though! We’re not completely doomed. We are fortunate that our campus provides a lot of student aid through Academic Advising, the Learning Skills & Development Centre, the Wellness Centre and even more. With the term completely online, these resources are still available remotely! However, we all know that Zoom university is a lot of self-regulation and discipline – there’s only so much outside help that you can get before all the responsibility is yours. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have your own space to study in at your home (i.e. your own bedroom, office, study space, etc.), keeping this space super clean and organized can help a lot more than you think it would. Last term, I had the habit of making my bed every morning, making a weekly schedule every Monday, taking part in my entire morning routine, and then having a productive day. If you ask me about my habits this term… just don’t. 

On the bright side though, I got back into cleaning my room and making my bed each morning! I have to say, once you have your bed made, it really puts you in the mindset to tackle the rest of your tasks for the day. A 2009 study by Darby E. Saxbe and Rena Repetti found that there is a correlation between stress and clutter. When your space is organized and clean, it decreases the likelihood of depression and stress, and increases your motivation to be productive. 

It’s the little things that make the biggest differences. De-cluttering your space is a great way to get on track. It sets you up for success. Once you have that down, you might be motivated enough to make a schedule! Having all your due dates and responsibilities listed out for you is really helpful with time management. 

It doesn’t look like COVID is going away any time soon, so for the time being, we have to do what we can to help ourselves. While academics are important, always prioritize your mental health. Life isn’t meant to work against you! Take advantage of all your resources and never feel ashamed for needing a break. Don’t doubt yourselves, you’re more than capable of accomplishing everything you set your mind to!