Your New Go-To Ultimate Ab Workout

Feel like you are doing the same workout all the time? Need a new ab workout that you can do at the gym or in your room? I got you covered, here 10 quick and fun ab workouts!


1.Crunches That Target Your Upper and Lower Abs

First, start by doing a traditional crunch. Laying on your back with your knees in the air and feet flat on the floor. This targets your lower abs. Do about 20 crunches or however many you want. For the next one, bring your legs up from the floor put knees still bent. Repeat, the same amount as the first one, so that you are equally working your abs. This one targets your middle abs. For the last one, have your legs vertical in the air. This one targets your upper abs. This has been my favorite ab workout recently.

2.Leg Raise

For this one, starting with laying on your back and have your arms at your side to support your back. Move your legs up and down, from the ground to an L shape.


3.Flutter Kicks

(aka scissor kicks) This one you will also be laying on your back and rotating which leg is in the air.



I’m sure everyone knows how to do these from that trend way back when, but they are actually a helpful ab workout. You can do these also by only supporting yourself with one arm on your side as well. If you are just starting out, I would recommend 30 seconds, and eventually, try and push yourself for one minute.




Start out by laying on your stomach. Extend your arms and legs out like you are trying to fly. Again, you start out with 30 seconds and try to aim for one minute.


6. Sitting twist

Starting by sitting with your knees up and twist from right to left. Add a medicine ball or dumbbell for more of a challenge.


7.Leg crunches (Reverse Crunches)

Similar to traditional crunches. Instead of moving your chest up and down, you bend your legs back and forth.


8.Mountain climbers

Start in a pushup position, and raise one leg at a time to your chest. Rotate back and forth what knee you are bending to your chest.


9.Bicycle Crunches

This one adds to traditional crunches. Bend your knees to your chest and rotate them back and forth, while bringing the opposite elbow to the knee that is bent.


10.High Knees

This one is standing up. You run in place, but to get the most out of it for your abs, you raise your knee as high and as fast as you can. Lifting the opposite arm as the leg helps with technique.


Hope these workouts give you some ideas and inspiration!