I Try Traditional Medicinals Tulsi Ginger Tea Which Promises Stress Relief, But Does It Work?

I have tried many stress relief teas and have been disappointed with everyone. Maybe I'm looking for a miracle but often these teas are short-lived, and by short lives I mean an hour later I’m trying not to freak out. However, I am a strong supporter of naturopathy, and always stalk the health food aisle for new things to try as well as drinking anything my mom will make me from her garden. I have previously tried teas from the brand Traditional Medicinalincals including their Nighty Night, Red Clover and Dandelion, and decided it was time to try this one out as well. 

The tulsi with ginger tea claims to be able to help support a healthy response to stress without slowing you down. An issue with a lot of herbal teas is that it can cause sleepiness. This tea is an herbal blend and does not contain any caffeine. The holy basil or tulsi is known as an adaptogenic. While ginger is also good for great digestion it also has a warming benefit. The box itself does not claim to get rid of stress because we will always have stressors.

One box of the tea contains 16 tea bags, so I made this tea every day for 16 days in the afternoon. I incorporated this into my mindfulness routine and avoided multitasking or doing other things when I made and drank my tea. I focus on my five senses and enjoying my tea. In general, I find that drinking my tea mindfully can help reduce my stress. But, I was hoping this tea can give more of a long term effect. Mindfulness helps but it is often short-lived for me.

I enjoyed the taste of the tea and thought that it was very mild. But, I do not think that the tea has any benefit over the other brands of anxiety tea I tried in the past. I was rather stressed and did not notice my stress levels decrease from what they normally are. With that said, this tea is great to add into your mindfulness tea, but don’t count on it working miracles.