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The 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Happy New Year, to you all! Entering the New Year and starting it on a fresh page, many of you have gym fever with the resolution to get healthier and fitter in 2015. Getting fitter and healthier doesn’t necessarily regard weight or fat loss, maybe you are looking to tone up this year. If this is the case for you, then look no further!

If you have 15 minutes to spare, this challenge stretches yourself that little bit further. It can be found on YouTube (completely free!) and once you’ve completed the cycle, you can start over again and see how you’ve improved. Not a gym person? Then this workout is perfect for you as you can do it from the privacy and comfort of your own room.


This challenge has specific workouts for different days that focus on areas such as your posture, abs and core – the latter can be a bit of a struggle, but you will be able to see improvements soon after you’ve completed them! I’ve found that these yoga sessions make me feel more relaxed and they help relieve tensions in your body that you may not even realise you had.

Whilst completing each workout, you will improve your posture and flexibility and learn key yoga moves such as the “table-top” and “tree pose” which you could adopt into creating your own personal yoga workout. If you decide you want some new sessions to work through after you have completed the challenge, the instructor, Erin Motz has her own website, where you can sign up for further online sessions ranging from 15 minutes to an hour!

Table Top

Good luck! I hope this challenge can open up the world of yoga for you and encourage you to become more active in 2015.


Tree Pose



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