The Intern Queen’s Best tips for College Students


At this point in the year, many college students are faced with applications and interviews for summer jobs, internships, and on-campus involvements. It can be overwhelming to face these additional tasks on top of all your school work, but the benefits of these positions greatly outweigh the initial stress they may provoke. If you’ve ever felt like you could use a mentor to guide you through all of this, Lauren Berger is your go-to girl!


I heard about Lauren Berger when she was featured on the Gals on the Go podcast, where she gave co-hosts Brooke and Danielle her top tips for college students to best prepare themselves for their future careers. Lauren is the CEO of Intern Queen and Career Queen, and author of All Work and No Pay and Welcome to the Real World. Her brand focuses on helping young people to “connect with the internships and career opportunities of their dreams. Berger’s expertise on careers and internships is sought after by students across the country, and there truly is something for everyone to take away from her advice!


To succeed at any internship or college job, the Intern Queen has a few key words of advice. First, she emphasizes the importance of acting confident and professional even if you are super nervous. Berger’s biggest suggestion is to try to make each interview a fluid conversation. Always be prepared with several questions for your interviewer. One she recommends students ask is, “What are the challenges of this position?”


Second, she believes that your lasting impression outweighs your initial impression. Don’t slack off at the end of an internship, or you risk losing a good connection and resource.


Third, she urges you to attend any events you are invited to through an internship or job. Attending events demonstrates your interest in their work, and could lead to further networking connections. If you have a legitimate conflict, tell someone about it right away to maintain professionalism.


Through alumni events, career services, and research opportunities, there are many ways to expand your professional network, even early in your college experience. In preparation for future internship and career searches, Berger recommends staying in touch with several professional contacts. She personally checks in with her professional contacts three times a year, whether it is in person, by email, or text messages. An easy way she suggests is to reach out to people when you think of them and give them a brief update of your life.


Navigating interviews, networking, and even LinkedIn are among the many talents and guidance Lauren Berger has to offer. If you are in search of an internship, summer job, or just curious about how to make your dream job a reality, I highly recommend checking out Intern Queen. After all, she did have fifteen internships in her four years of college. Even if you think you have your plans laid out for you already, Lauren Berger is an inspiration to any young person to aspire to be like post-grad.