Discover Weekly: Tips and Remedies for Feeling Your Best

With changes in weather, increased responsibilities on campus, and less sleep, comes the dreaded sick season. It may seem like everyone around you is constantly sneezing and coughing, but there are many ways to prevent getting sick! If you do succumb to a seasonal cold, these tips might make you feel better quicker!


1. Make your Favorite Hot Drink


If you begin to feel a little congested in the next few weeks, make water your best friend! Staying hydrated will loosen up any mucus in your nose and throat! You can also try sipping on hot water with honey and lemon to soothe a sore throat. Green tea is another great choice, since it can kill bacteria!


2. Sanitize


On college campuses, germs are spread very quickly. This is why it is very important you wash your hands as often as possible and especially before eating or touching your face! Don’t forget about hand sanitizer stations in the dining halls. You could also buy portable hand sanitizers, they are perfect for on-the-go! Another essential to keep your dorm germ-free are clorox wipes!

3. Exercise Regularly


Not only does regular exercise release endorphins which may lower stress, it also increases the circulation of white blood cells to fight the common cold! You can try a Group Fit class if you are bored by the elliptical, or walk or run on the Stirner Arts Trail!


5. Load Up on Vitamins C and D


Soak up the sun when possible! Spending time outdoors is always a great mood booster, but sunlight also keeps us healthy! The Vitamin D that we are exposed to from the sun strengthens our immune systems. You can also get your Vitamin D through eating egg yolks, salmon, tuna, and mushrooms.


No this does not mean neon orange Doritos or your favorite fruity candy! But orange colored fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin C! Try adding some orange and yellow peppers or tomatoes to your salads, or fall favorites such as butternut squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes!


6. Use Shades or a Sleeping mask


It can seem impossible to get enough shut-eye in college. When you start to feel sick, try taking naps during the day! Room-darkening shades can help you to fall asleep at any time of day.  Another option is a sleeping mask, which help to signal your body’s production of melatonin, a sleeping hormone.


7. Try Essential Oils


Essential Oils come in a variety of scents and can be used for many purposes. You can put lavender in a diffuser to help you sleep, or try making a roll on bottle with thieves, a blend of lemon, cloves, and eucalyptus which promotes respiratory and immune system health!


9. Don’t share food or drinks!


It can be super tempting to want to try a sip of your friend’s smoothie, and you might even think this habit is good considering fruit smoothies often contain an abundance of vitamins. Even if your friend doesn’t feel sick yet, they may be unknowingly carrying a virus! Better safe than sorry, so this one is worth the extra meal swipe!


10. Get a Flu Shot


Here at Lafayette, flu shots are available at Bailey Health Center! If you want to be prepared for flu season, make sure to be on the lookout for an email soon with dates, times and locations of flu shot clinics!


It can be very hard to prioritize these healthy habits over the temptations to stay up late with friends or to just eat pizza and ice cream. Your body will thank you immensely though if you give it the care it deserves!