The Benefits of Cutting Dairy Out of Your Diet

Now here me out! I completely understand how farfetched this idea may be for some after all, who doesn’t like fresh cold milk with cookies, cheese on their fries, or ice cream on a delectable waffle cone? Although dairy may provide immediate pleasures, the long-term effects might not be worth it. Dairy without a doubt a fundamental part of the American diet, but it’s time to start questioning why we are the only species to consume milk from other animals.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine over 65% of the world’s population are lactose intolerant which further presses the question whether this product is meant for humans. Based on my experience and other research, eliminating dairy from your diet has immediate and profound results internally and externally. One of the most popular results from cutting out dairy is the elimination of bloating. I’m sure we all fell a victim to bloating. This abdominal discomfort does not only target those who are lactose intolerant, surprisingly those who produce lactase (the enzyme that aids in breaking down dairy) can also be afflicted. One of the more surprising benefits of cutting out dairy would be the alleviation of excess mucus production in the respiratory tract. This means that those who have asthma, or any other respiratory symptoms will experience little to no symptoms.

Are you experiencing any stubborn pimples by any chance? According to Healthline, researchers not that artificial hormones that cows are treated with may in fact throw your hormone balance off or even disturb insulin levels. Both of these problems lead to the triggering of acne.  Sadly, the list goes on and on as to why dairy should not be the number one source of consumption and calcium. As reported by nutritionist Carrie Forrest, a far better substitution for milk would be almond or coconut milk because they are high in calcium. When it comes to other dairy products such as cheese and ice cream it is better to follow a vegan approach. There are a vast array of dairy alternatives for your favorite dairy treats. If you aren’t quite ready to put down the container of Ben and Jerry’s for good, it never hurts to do a little experimenting to see what dairy alternatives work best for you.

It is recommended to consult with a medical professional before attempting a drastic transition if you decide to take a leap to fully understand where to find the best nutritional substitutes to keep your body healthy and strong.

Good Luck!

By: Patrice Charles