My 5 Favorite Self-Care Activities : Conquer Back-to-School Stress

You cannot achieve your short and long term goals without believing in your power to do so. Similarly, you can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t pour water from an empty cup, and you can’t care for your loved ones, without caring and loving for your cute and capable self first!!

Going back-to-school entails late nights, early classes, deadlines, exams, social events, and endless expectations to do your very best set by yourself and others.

While it is important to hustle and give your all, in order to do so you need to allot time to catch your breath and check in on yourself! How is she doing? (good hopefully:) 


These are my five favorite self care activities for conquering back-to-school stress!



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1. Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal, allows me to both realign and focus on what is truly important on the bad days, and gives me an extra something to smile about on the good days.


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Whether it be journaling a list or typing it into the Notes app on your phone, in overwhelming moments, taking the time to sit down and make a list of who and what you appreciate is therapeutic.

It also enhances the law of attraction and manifesting good into your life. You must be the energy you want to attract! If you express what you are currently grateful for, the universe will send you more and more people and things to be grateful for.

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→ I like to make note of the things I love about myself too! It helps me take a step back and not be so hard on myself. Give yourself some credit!

→ The app “Grateful” is a helpful and free gratitude journal app that has good prompts for getting started if you find yourself stumped! :)


2. Painting & Coloring

When I’m feeling tense or stuck, shifting my focus to a creative outlet acts is a helpful release. It allows me to channel my tension or stress into something tangible, unique, and artistic.

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Painting and coloring doesn’t have to be perfect, and experimenting with different colors and paints is calming. The nostalgia of the activity takes me back to a simpler, stress-free time. :,)

→ I love the Crayola Collection of Adult Coloring Books available at Target.


3. Listening to Music, Podcasts, or Audiobooks

Unplugging from the stress around me and plugging into my music is my go-to when I need a breather. 

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Whichever media is your go-to (music, podcasts, or audiobooks), all are both comforting to relax to, and convenient to mindlessly listen to as you study, walk from class to class, exercise, clean, run errands, and for every little task your cute self decides to complete in between. 


→ I love the podcast “Pretty Basic” by lifestyle youtubers & best friends, Alisha Marie & Remi Cruz, they are major girl bosses and I am here for it.

Ariana Grande’s entire discography is also the soundtrack to my life and I recommend. 


4. Facetiming/Calling Friends & Family

Though, I’m not far from home, many of my closest friends are this year. So, Facetime has been our best friend! When I am feeling stressed or anxious I find it helpful to call or facetime a friend or family member and simply talk and feel listened to.

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→ Sharing my thoughts out loud and hearing what I need to accomplish allows me to clearly put things into perspective and catch my breath.


5. Making a Cup of Tea

I am not a big coffee girl, but I am obsessed with tea. Even if you aren’t an avid tea drinker, making a warm cup of tea (especially before bed!) allows your body to relax and unwind. (& that’s the tea hehe ;)


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→ Chamomile tea is said to be best for sleeping and relaxation. My favorite types of tea are green, black, earl grey, sage, vanilla bean, and cinnamon pumpkin spice!


While these are some of my favorite easy and accessible self-care activities for back-to-school season, self-care is an all year round activity. 

Self-care can be one of these (or many other!) activities, but self care is also making sure you eat, hydrate, and rest when you need to.

It is okay to have off days, take a break, and more than okay to ask for help. Your presence is valued and your absence is noted, so please take care of your cute self every single day. 


You are really cute and I like you a lot.  You got this.