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Making A Brave Decision – An Instagram Detox

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What happened when I took a break from the super-app Instagram?

Instagram has managed to become a staple app for so many consumers. I was one such regular user of Instagram and it’s safe to say I used it for a range of things – sharing photos, fangirling, laughing at memes, and socializing with friends. It was the one destination I always found myself going to whenever I was free from any task at hand. However, the pandemic ended up giving me a lot of freedom when it came to choosing how to spend my time and that’s when it hit me – I was not the one consuming Instagram, Instagram was the one consuming me. 

After a few failed attempts of not opening the app, I decided to go cold turkey and delete it entirely…and that’s how this article came into being. Immediately, all the other applications began receiving some well-deserved attention. All of a sudden, I began discovering their utility; It was like a child finding a box of lost toys. I found solace in other social media apps like Twitter and Pinterest and finally used them for their true purpose (beyond just memes and sharing photos). The best part about this detox was bringing back my habit of reading; I started reading e-books on, hard copies and even stories on Wattpad even if it was just half a page. I finished a lot of books that were left mid-way. More importantly, this also meant I had more time off the screen (which I think is something we all crave in the era of screens).

A vantage point of view of Instagram gave me clarity on why I used social media and how I was the one with the power to choose rather than the other way around. It was like a breath of fresh air when I found myself not engaging in what can only be called incessant scrolling. The sudden change was challenging in the beginning but, once you take a break, you will return with boundaries, self-control, and a certain sense of peace. I am certain that you too have thought about taking a break; so, what are you waiting for? Now is the right time!

Meet Kathan: A student at Krea who strives to be a speed bump on the road to doom that our world has embarked upon. She embraces the space-time continuum with some laughter, overthinking and analysis :)
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