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Some doors are better left closed.

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Krea chapter.

Today, I woke up feeling extremely overwhelmed and out of place. I questioned my abilities and wondered if I had piled too much on my very feeble and small plate. This realization led to a frustrated version of me, deep cleaning my room and throwing away items I should’ve tossed out a year ago. But this small activity gave me uninterrupted time, which I needed to figure out my next move and what I had to do. Through rash decisions, I decided that I must back out of an opportunity that I had struggled to get in the first place. But, once I sent out that mail, I felt so much more at ease, and somehow, everything fell back into place. 

That made me think that all opportunities that come our way are not for us to grasp and clutch onto with brute strength, but they are just to show us how far in the realm of opportunities we have reached. In our hustle to better our resumes and be at the top of our academics, we sometimes forget to sit and appreciate ourselves for the fact that we’ve done it. We made it past our horrifying school examinations, we’re past finding a good undergrad university to get into, we’re past making ourselves comfortable here, and we’re doing everything that we once doubted ourselves being able to do. Signing up for everything that I found exciting and making myself a part of multiple initiatives in university and outside really made it difficult for me to go one minute without having something to worry about.

That being said, I believe we must put ourselves out there but never in the way that we get lost and don’t know how to return. We can do it all and take up every opportunity, but we must also realize that when one door closes, maybe it’s meant to be closed and that it is not closing because there’s another door waiting to be opened. It’s almost like the butterfly effect. Even the most minor decisions we make will impact us in one way or another, and that can never be in our control. The only part we play is when we make that decision. If, in that split second, we know we are doing the right thing, then there is nothing more for us to worry about because we did the best we could with the information we had about ourselves and others. 

As they say, opportunities will come and go if you know where to look and if you’re doing your best to look for it. Nothing will ever be easy, but as time goes on, we will be more used to the difficulty and know ourselves better. Just like we finished school, we’ll also finish college, graduate, and move on to live our separate lives doing things we never thought we could do. We will grab a few opportunities, let go of some, and please bask in the feeling of letting them go because we all know that as important as it is to be able to hold onto things, it’s more important to be able to let go.

Helloo! I'm a second-year student at Krea University, determined to juggle Psychology and Biological sciences without getting too caught up with insect evolution. I love everything nature and spend my time watching either bird documentaries or true crime ones. I hope you enjoy reading all my last-minute bursts of creativity!!