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4 Yummy Holiday Recipes

December in college is a month packed full of stress, mostly all due to one little word: finals. I’ve been dreading this two-week stretch all semester, and now that I’m in it, I can’t say that my fears were unfounded. There’s truly nothing better than spending a crisp winter day shut up in the library until 1am (unless you’re staying up until 2am).

While there’s no denying that finals are stressful for every student, there’s also no denying the sweet, sweet reality of an entire month devoid of any responsibilities directly after exams. Since you’ll surely be a little frazzled after countless papers, tests, and all-nighters, what better way to refresh and relax after weeks of mounting stress than by injecting a little holiday spirit into your life?

Here are some adorable—and delicious—food creations to make this Winter Break!

Ugly Sweater Cake

Ugly sweater parties have been a hit with my friends in the past, and this cake would have been a perfect addition. It looks complicated, but the tutorial is actually pretty easy! The end result is sure to be ugly—but only in the cutest way.

Hot Cocoa Cookies and Marshmallow

There’s not much that is more wintery than curling up next to a fire under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket. These cookies distill that essence into bite-sized portions that taste just as good next to a roaring fire as they do in bed curled up to some Netflix. This is the perfect cozy cookie for a day spent rolling in the snow or sleeping off all of the formulas you memorized for your math exam.

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

These cookies signify Christmas to me. My mom and I always make them right before Christmas Eve, and we had to put out these specific cookies for Santa when he visited (my mom has a thing for peanut butter, and somehow I never put two and two together). These may not have the wow factor of other flashier holiday cookies, but they have heart. And, more importantly, they’re delicious.

Peppermint Bowls

If you’re feeling especially crafty, this DIY peppermint bowl is a perfect way to gift cookies or anything else this holiday season. Find the specifics here!


Kenyon, we all did a fantastic job this finals season—let’s celebrate with sleep, Netflix, and baking cute holiday cookies. Have a fantastic break, and see you soon!


Image Credit: Mom Loves Baking, Stepable, Savory Sweet Life, Princess Pinky Girl


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