How to Manage a Busy Workload and Working Out

As a busy college student it’s easy to skip the gym. These tips will help you manage a busy workload and still make time to workout.

1. Schedule your workouts around your classes.



Sunday night, figure out a plan that will give you enough time and energy to get your work done, be able to workout and still have time for your extracurricular activities. This way you won’t overload yourself with too many activities and actually accomplish everything on your schedule.

2. Workout in your dorm room.


instead of making that long trek to the rec center on campus, try easy workout routines in your room. There are a bunch of workout routines that are super fun and easy to do in your dorm. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your building! Try these out!

3. Take the long way to classes.


Leave a little extra time in the morning and take the long route instead! I know that first week of classes you’ll find all of the shortcuts, but if you can’t fit working out into your schedule, take the longer walk instead. This way you’ll be able to get extra steps in.

4. At the beginning of the semester, sign up for an exercise class.

The rec center offers a wide range of classes like "Zumba" and spinning. The best part is you get credit for the class and it’s an easy A. All you have to do is show up for the class!