5 Fun Free-Weight Workouts

I love going to the gym; the gym is my place where I can relax, where I can be by myself and listen to my music. Working out is my favorite way to destress or energize myself for the day ahead of me. I usually go about four times a week to do weightlifting and cardio. Now, I love the weight machines as much as the next gal, but the free weight racks are always a great workout source– and they always make me feel especially strong when I’m standing in front of the mirror and can see my muscles working. These are my five favorite free weight (dumbbell) workouts.

1. Bicep curls

I usually use two 10-pound dumbbells and do three sets of 10 for bicep curls. These are probably one of the best-known dumbbell exercises; they’re simple, but they provide a great workout for your arms.

2. Tricep extension

I use a heavier weight for the tricep extension, usually a 25-pound weight and do three sets of 10. Hold a single dumbbell in your hands and raise your arms fully extended over your head. Gently lower the weight behind your head as far as your elbows bend then raise your arms back up.

3. Chest press

I lay down on a bench for this one, and I use two 10-pound weights for three sets of 10 (but you can also use kettlebells for this!). Lay down on the bench with one weight in each hand and raise your arms (both or one at a time) vertically in the air, then bring them down to your chest.

4. Goblet squat

I use a 25-pound weight and do two sets of 15 squats. These squats are the same as any other squat, but you hold one dumbbell by the base in your hands while you squat. These can also be done using a kettlebell or a weighted plate. 

5. Shoulder press

I use two 10-pound weights and do three sets of 10. Hold your dumbbells one in each hand and position your arms as if you were flexing your biceps. Extend your arms and then bring them back to the original position.

Remember that it’s important to eat carbohydrates and protein before and after a workout, and drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout! Your body needs to refuel after burning calories. One of my favorite post-workout meals is toast with peanut butter and a banana. Have a great workout and have fun!