10 Benefits of Having a Therapist

College gives students a great chance to figure out personal coping methods. Some people prefer to take a long run at the gym, and others turn to a night of Netflix-binging to ease stress.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with balancing homework, social activities and other tasks. To make matters worse, people are often judged for seeking out the help they need. We, as college students, deserve to feel supported and heard.

Listed below are 10 benefits of having a therapist that may make you consider getting one.

1. A therapist is there to give advice, not demands

Ever wish you could ask your mom or dad for advice, but not have to follow through on it immediately after you two talk? Therapists offer you a solution that you can choose to follow, or not.  


2. Therapists offer a third, non-biased point of view

I hate to say it, but sometimes we need to hear the truth. Friends support us, but they sometimes say what we want to hear. While hearing what you want provides temporary relief, knowing the truth about your own toxic habits or issues ends up making you a better person in the long run.


3. Therapists can teach you stronger communication tactics

Many personal problems are due to miscommunication. If you want to learn how to better interact with family members and friends, therapists can explain new ways to express your emotions to others.


4. You can lower your anxiety by laying everything on the table

Therapy gives clients a safe space to spread out all their thoughts. Having an open canvas to spill your thoughts onto is calming and stress-reducing. 


5. Therapists will teach you healthy, realistic coping strategies

Everybody knows that being told to ‘calm down’ will never help clear anxiety. The techniques that therapists offer are ones that are much more realistic: whether it be taking five deep breaths or writing a letter to someone who hurt you, therapists offer solutions that last.


6. Therapists can teach you higher self-confidence

Often times, people go into therapy during a difficult time in their life. Having the support of talking to a therapist lets people know that they do deserve support and that there can be brighter times.


7. You’ll end up solving problems from your past while figuring out how they made you who you are

Pushing past problems under the rug is no way to deal with the effects of those experiences. Identifying why you are the way you are is crucial to learning how to help yourself.


8. Future issues or conflicts are solved much faster because you know what to do

Are you having another argument with the same person for the 50th time? Well, at least now you know how to react to them (without wanting to gouge your ears out.) 


9. You’ll pass on the wisdom you’ve gained to future generations

If you decide to have kids in your future, you’ll be able to effectively show them what healthy emotions look like. You can simply take what you’ve learned from your own parents or relatives and upgrade those techniques into strong, healthy ways of conflict resolution.


10. Therapy teaches you that having emotions is OK!

Being sad, happy, angry or jealous is normal. Don’t feel guilty for experiencing regular emotions or feeling a certain way; process your feelings on your own time and in your own way.