Protecting Your Energy and Inner Peace

After pouring our energies out into the world and into other people, many of us can feel drained, or there is a presence of self-neglect. After putting so much into separate tasks in life, we come home lacking the energy it takes to manifest the life we genuinely want to live. Over time, it’s possible for the replenishing of our souls with tender, love, and care to be forgotten. So many seek inner peace and high vibrations but fail to realize that it is not truly something you can find, but something that is already within you. The key to fully experience these good vibrations and high energy is to protect your own! Here are 6 tips to help recharge and protect your energy.

  1. 1. Saying No Is Okay

    It is okay to say no to those outings you are not so sure about, you do not have to accept every invitation. If something doesn’t feel right, take your feelings into consideration and learn to refute any action that genuinely doesn’t appeal to you. When you feel pressured to do things that don’t feel right and say yes to them, you allow energies and stressors to come in that do not serve you rightfully. 

  2. 2. Live Free

    Overthinking weighs you down! Trying to figure out why another person is putting out their negative energy onto you or even overthinking a situation could cause your inner peace to drain. Look inside yourself and realize that these occurrences do not affect you, but the way that you react to their actions do. Take ownership of your reality and make decisions based on how you genuinely feel. You are free to feel and act how you want; negative influences and energies will never have more power over you than you possess.

  3. 3. Remember Energy Is Contagious

    Spending time with people in crowded spaces every single day allows different energies to seep into your energetic boundaries, you absorb those frequencies and feel a loss of what your genuine sense of peace is. Energies from others are very contagious and, although you may not entertain these energies, they can still seep into your mind frame. Counteract the presence of frequencies that do not serve you by 1: focusing on yourself, 2: focusing on the people and actions that do add to the nourishment of your heart and mind, 3: cutting off or limiting distractions.

  4. 4. Be Kind

    Speak kindly to yourself and others around you. Give yourself a second, third, fourth, maybe even fifth chance. Don’t beat yourself up about anything, because you can overcome whatever obstacle that comes into your life and keep pushing. “You are not here to be perfect, you are here to be real.” - Ralph Smart

  5. 5. Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

    Emotions are your energies in motion, barricading the release of these energies is not suitable for your overall wellbeing and protection of your energy. If you are feeling upset, let others know you are feeling upset. It is okay to feel things and take time to yourself to recharge and find inner peace again.

  6. 6. Eat Life, Not Death

    Take a day or seven days out of the week to commit to a plant-based diet. Although there are a plethora of reasons as to why this way of eating is beneficial (some reasons can be found in my article here, the diet also relates to our energies! A large part of the meat industry consciously slaughters and tortures animals so that they can be featured in the meal on your plate. When consumed, the emotions of those animals can seep right into your energies, and you can absorb that same energy that the animal felt in death. Giving a plant-based diet a chance will not only provide you with the knowledge of the food that doesn't contain animal products but can also grant you access to a greater sense of inner peace! A plant-based diet is beneficial to your mind, body, and soul.

As an empath myself, I often find other’s actions and energies to affect me in a greater way than it should. In addition to meditating, absorbing the energy from my Himalayan pink sea salt lamp, and being alone to recharge, I take these tips into consideration when I feel overwhelmed by the many encounters and various exchanges of energy I have over time. I hope these tips help you on your journey to protect your energy and inner peace. Peace and love!