The Benefits of Journaling and Writing Poetry

I don't know how you guys have been feeling recently, but I'm dealing with some really tough and complex emotions. Sometimes it's hard to work through them or get past them without feeling like you're drowning. This year has brought up many things that I'd never thought I would have to experience, and going through them alone can be really hard. One of the things that I've noticed has helped me is poetry. I don't write very technical poetry, and I'll probably never post any of it, but it's a useful release for me. Journaling also helps. It helps me decipher, explain, and get rid of those darker emotions that weigh me down. You might not be experiencing the exact same things that I am, but journaling and poetry can benefit us in many ways. In any form, writing is therapeutic for a lot of us, and I think we all need it right now. Here are some of the benefits that I have found in journaling and poetry! I hope they help you as much as they help me! 

Poetry is a form of writing that supports emotional honesty and openness. When we write poetry, we don't feel judged; we feel heard. Through it, we can learn who we really are and what makes us, us. It's a natural coping mechanism for people in pain. It's a safe place for those with a lot of emotions or experiencing emotional trauma, but more than that, it's rewarding. Successfully writing a poem makes me feel good in more ways than one. It's an accomplishment because poetry is kind of hard, but it also produces this sort of calming effect that makes me feel at peace with myself. Poetry can help you express yourself, gives you the freedom to be as symbolic, metaphorical, or literal as you want to be, and helps you find inner peace amongst chaos. For me, the feeling of writing poetry is cathartic, and I'm sure it will help all of you in similar ways.

Journaling has a wide range of benefits. Journaling can be a more free, less structured form of expression. (There are also different types of journaling that serve other functions and have their own benefits.) Journaling can have similar benefits to meditation and poetry. It can help manage depression and anxiety. It can also be used to keep track of goals, day-to-day occurrences, and your overall thoughts or feelings. It can also help your organization and stress management. It gives us the chance to find our voices, brings vision into our lives, and encourages creativity. I don't think there's anything that journaling can't do or help you do. 

Journaling and poetry are forms of expressive writing that boost our long-term wellbeing, increase happiness and optimism, and can make us more open people. They help us release negative thoughts, propel us closer to our goals, and enhance our self-awareness. No matter what you use journaling or poetry for, you benefit in a multitude of ways. There are healthy forms of expression that we all should take advantage of. They are great for those moments where you need a little extra self-care and keeping up with your mental health. I hope this article helps you see that or motivates you to pick up a new hobby. Happy writing!