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Given the current unfortunate situation in the UK, one of the only ways we can safely get some fresh air in London is by making use of the green spaces and waterways. As somebody with a non-existent stamina, I took it upon myself to become a morning person, grab my running shoes and get moving. In the process, I started to explore the city’s greenery and took the liberty to compile a list of the best walking or running paths that I have encountered. If you too are attempting to adapt to this fitness lifestyle, I hope you like these routes!


1. Westminster to Tower Bridge

From the Westminster tube station, you can either cross the bridge onto Waterloo and follow the river on the south side (along Southbank), crossing the London Eye, Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe up to Tower Bridge or stay on the north side of the river. Run through Embankment where you'll cross St Paul’s Cathedral, before reaching the Tower of London. If you're feeling it, you could extend the duration of this route by making it circular and running back on the opposite side of the river after you cross Tower Bridge.


2. St James’s Park to Hyde Park

If you're questing after a verdant scenery in the city, this is perfect for you. Start at the entrance of St James’s Park, and run through or around the park towards Buckingham Palace where you will find Green Park. You can make a quick pit stop to admire the enchanting view of the Horse Guards Admiralty Building. Then proceed into Green Park and head towards the Wellington Arch into Hyde Park. Enjoy the view of the Serpentine Lake as you run towards Kensington Palace.


3. Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

From the Regent's Park Station, cross Marylebone Road to enter Regent’s Park. Run across the width of the park and take in the scenic views of the flowers and the autumnal leaves, especially this time of year. You could even run by the boating lake. Just as you continue to the end of the park, you will reach Primrose Hill -  a hilltop park with panoramic views of Regent's Park and the City of London. If you run here in the morning, you can treasure the first few rays of the sun, glistening off the tall buildings without any crowds.


4. Along the Regent’s Canal

Although this is further from the centre of the city, this is one of the most impressive runs you can find in London. Regent's Canal was excavated over two centuries ago to carry goods in and out of the capital. With Little Venice on the east, the canal ends in the docklands, while passing Camden town and the ZSL Zoo of Regent's Park. Start your walk or jog in Little Venice which is a ten minute walk away from Paddington tube station and a five minute walk from the Warwick Avenue station to enjoy a canal view all the way to Regent's Park.


Whether or not you're a runner or athlete of any sort, these routes are stunning to visit the most breathtaking and idyllic spots. During a time where outdoor activities are our most secure option, grab some friends and visit some of the best cityscapes London has to offer!


I’m Laya, a dog-loving, coffee drinking, book reading, optimistic and self-proclaimed stand-up comedian. Also, occasionally, I write. My written ramblings are based on whatever topic has been bouncing off the walls of my brain. However arbitrary they are, I hope you like them!
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