UREC Group Exercise Classes to Try This Semester

Group exercise classes are great for when you want to work out, but don’t feel like creating a plan or don’t even know where to start.  I started taking UREC group exercise classes during my first semester at JMU and haven’t stopped going since. Although I haven’t tried every class UREC offers, I have been to a lot of them, and these are my favorites that you should check out:


Yoga Fitness:

I love yoga because I feel clear-headed and relaxed afterwards.  Yoga is amazing at relieving stress and tension in your joints. You don’t have to be uber-coordinated for this class, and it is very flexible as you can go as easy or difficult as you want and modify almost any pose.  



Pilates works every area you care about: glutes, arms, legs, and core.  I really enjoy UREC’s Pilates classes and they always encourage me to work harder.  



As a mix of ballet poses, pilates, and yoga, barre is all-encompassing.  These classes leave you feeling sweaty, accomplished, and help you push yourself once you’ve established a workout grind.


Body Sculpt:

If you like weight training, this one’s for you!  Body Sculpt is essentially full-body strength training.  It’s effective at building muscle and getting into weight training while establishing proper form if you’ve never been to the weight room before.


Core Training:

No more “I don’t have time to go to the gym” excuses.  If you want to get a workout in but feel like you don’t have a lot of time, try core training.  This class is only 30 minutes long and it feels like 10. Like the name suggests, it focuses on core workouts to help you get that six pack you’ve always wanted.


Boxing Fitness:

Boxing is a lot more challenging than it looks.  Boxing Fitness at UREC is an intense workout and you feel like such a badass when you’re punching to a rhythm with massive boxing gloves on.  Built up stress or anger? Literally punch it out.


I hope this article encouraged you to try a UREC group exercise class you haven’t tried before!  Hope to see you there.