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Similar to most students at JCU, I have spent my time here fitting in all of my core requirements along with classes needed for my major and minor. While there are opportunities to sign up for interesting classes within these requirements, many students may be surprised to find there are quite a few “hidden gem” classes offered outside of the core. Many of these fun classes are just 1 credit, so they are easy to squeeze into your busy schedule. Some of the most interesting include: ballroom dancing, photography and Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana). If you’re a fitness junkie, there are plenty of 1-credit classes for you as well (i.e. jogging, weight lifting or tennis).

Looking back, some of my favorite classes that I have taken are those that you may not expect. Film criticism, for example, is a 3-credit course that I would recommend to everyone who loves film. You get to go to the Cleveland Film Festival as well as a pre-screening. So next time you sign up for classes, I recommend you take the time to explore the hidden options that might pique your interest. Yes, we are here to earn a degree in a field we choose, but why not have some fun and learn something completely different while you’re here? It may help relieve some of the stress that is inevitably caused by your other classes.

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