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The JCU Gym for Rookies: Tips for Getting Started

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

If you’re just starting out at the gym, don’t get let any intimidation scare you away!  If you’re motivated to go and want to work out, don’t let anything stop you. Honestly, no one in the gym really cares or pays attention to what everyone else is doing—they are focusing on their own workouts. If you are looking to start a regular workout routine but aren’t sure where to start, try out these helpful tips and tricks to help you get going!

1. Always remember that everyone’s bodies are different—what works for one person may not work perfectly for another person.

2. At first, be sure to try a few different machines or exercises out to see what feels good for your body.

3. Don’t be discouraged if you are not lifting as much as the person next to you. You are just starting out and need to work your way up to wherever your fitness goals are.  ​

4. With that being said, make fitness goals! It will make working out seem so much more worth it and will help motivate you more.  Also, instead of one big goal, try to make several smaller, more achievable goals so it doesn’t seem like you are never accomplishing anything.  

5. Online resources and apps are great to learn new exercises! There are so many websites and apps out there, so try a few out and see which one fits your lifestyle.

6. Don’t be afraid to tweak your workout if something isn’t working for you.  

7. If you are really serious, carve out time from your weekly schedule and make that your gym time.  Treat that time like you would any other serious obligation and always make your best effort to get your workout in.  This will really help you get a solid workout schedule.

8. Don’t overwork yourself.  The last thing you want is to grow exhausted or get an injury that would prevent you from workout out.