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7 Things To Do When You Just Can’t Anymore

Sometimes life is just hard. Nothing is going your way and you really need to reset before your head explodes so what do you do?!?

Take A Deep Breath

It's important to breathe. There are so many breathing exercises online to choose from, but my favorite is simply laying on your back resting your hand on your stomach (right under your ribcage where your diaphragm is) and breathing in from your nose and out from your mouth.

Take a Hot Shower

Create your own budget spa moment with a hot shower! Grab some nice smelling soap and soak in the steam! It can clear out your pores, open up your sinuses and relax your muscles what's not to love?!

Take a Walk

Connecting with nature and stepping out of yourself for a minute can be so refreshing. Not adhering to a schedule or a set path to get somewhere and wandering aimlessly can sort out an entangled mind. 

Get Creative

love to do an art project when I'm stressed. Let me be clear though I'm terrible at art. But doing something without a plan and something I'm not good at allows me to stop putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect. 

Punch Something (Preferably Not Someone)

Sometimes you just need to let out the rage!! Punching something can be very cathartic, just be sure that you are not hurting yourself or others.

Listen To Some New Music

Music can be a great release to get out of your feelings. Sometimes when I "just can't" I'm really just stuck in a rut so getting music recommendation from friends or Instagram followers or finding a new Spotify playlist to rock out to can be so refreshing!

Reach Out to Some Good Friends

Talking things out with other people or even having a distraction can also be healthy in the right moments! And what else are friends for?

Allaire is an inquisitive and confident lady who loves to watch reruns of her favorite shows (Bones anyone?) and enjoy the finer things in life like sand in between her toes, the sun on her skin and chocolate ice cream. Allaire is a senior Sociology major and Women and Gender Studies minor with aspirations to be a human rights lawyer and a songwriter. She is passionate about music, traveling and social justice.
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