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Trending: Neon, Tie-Dye, and Animal Print


Over time, many trends have taken over the fashion world. There is always a fashion trend that dominates a decade. Neon, Tie-Dye, and Animal Print were all part of the fashion world in a significant point of time, but now they are back and reimagined in the best way. In my opinion, it is so fascinating to see a trend from a previous decade, brought back and reimagined by designers of today. 

  1. Neon


This 80’s fashion trend is back! Over the past few months, the neon trend has taken over the fashion world. Many celebrities and designers have embraced this comeback and have implemented into their everyday looks. From casual daytime looks to nighttime - neon is the perfect thing to have in an outfit to really make a statement! Having a neon statement piece is a must - from a shirt to a bag or even a pair of shoelaces! For example, swap out a pair of white shoelaces for neon ones and you’ll definitely make a statement. This summer I embraced the neon trend and got neon orange on my nails! Any neon piece would make any outfit pop and it's exciting to see this 80’s trend back and better than ever! 


2. Tie-Dye


Tie-Dye is another trend that I would have never thought would be back, but it is here and totally reimagined in the best way possible. The Tie-Dye Era was mainly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and played a large role in the hippie world. It was a very expressive form of fashion and embraced by many during that time period. Again in the late 2000’s, Tie-Dye came back in fashion and I still have a pair of Tie-Dye jean shorts that I’m gonna wear again! Tie-Dye is a great way to liven up your wardrobe. Definitely add tie-dye to your closet this season- from a tie-dye tee to a pair of tie-dye jeans! It is fun to see tie-dye back in my closet and I’m excited to see more of it, especially how designers rethink into their clothing and accessories.  


3. Animal Print


Over the past few months, Animal Print has definitely made a comeback. From zebra print to leopard print, animal print has been implemented into many fashion looks. Adding an animal print to your outfit really enhances the look! It makes it more fashion-forward and livens it up. Although animal print has been a constant in the fashion world, more designers have reimagined animal print and have added to accessories and shoes. For example, adding a shoe with animal print can add something fun and exciting to your look. You can easily wear a plain white and jeans with a fun pair of animal print shoes. An animal print statement print is a must-have for this season!