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Simple Self-Care Tips For A Stress-Free Day

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School, work, friendships, clubs, sports, and our families are a lot to juggle these days. It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of life that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is so important to avoid burnout, but who has the time for it? Or the energy? Or the money? Self-care doesn’t have to be difficult; here are a few easy daily habits to reduce stress and help you feel like your best self.

1. Try journaling

Journaling feels really weird in the beginning. I get it. Still, it is such a great habit to get into. It helps you organize your thoughts, reflect on your day, set goals, and appreciate what you’re grateful for. Journaling can take as little or as much time as you want it to, it costs nothing after buying the journal, it takes very little energy and will take so much stress out of your day. It is one of my very favorite habits and I actually look forward to it every day now. I like to journal in the morning and the evening, but do whatever works for you! 

2. Create (and stick to) a skincare routine

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but sticking to a skincare routine can be the perfect way to start and end your day. It takes just a few minutes, but that time is all yours to pamper your skin. A quick skincare routine is also an easy way to add some much-needed “me time” to your schedule each day. Rejuvenate your skin with just a cleanser and moisturizer, I promise it will feel amazing!

3. Take a break from social media

I know it’s hard, but there are so many benefits: better sleep, less stress, deeper connections, and the list goes on. Unplug for an hour a day when you would usually be scrolling and see what happens. You could meet up with a friend or family member, realize a new hobby, go on a walk or take some time for yourself. Social media is helpful when used to keep up with others, but overconsumption can be really harmful. 

4. Light a candle 

Who doesn’t want their space to smell great? Lighting a candle (especially in a clean room) can really clear your mind. Take some deep breaths as the aroma wafts through the air and you’ll feel your stress slowly fade. Even lighting a candle while you’re doing work can improve your mood and focus. They can increase your energy and help you remain present. Candles can transform your space and your mind, so pick your favorite scent and give it a try!

5. Practice Mindfulness

These look different for everyone, but incorporating just one mindfulness practice in your daily routine can support a positive outlook on life. Whether you choose meditation, yoga, gratitude exercises, affirmations, or something else, the benefits will be obvious. They can help reduce stress and lead to a better mindset. Your days will feel more positive and it is so so important to take time for yourself throughout the day!

Self-care seems like a luxury, but it’s super accessible! Whether you have five minutes or an hour, there will always be a way to get that “me time” in. Relax, have fun and enjoy it!

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