Benefits of Strength Training

If you have taken a scroll on social media or looked through the magazines at the grocery store while you wait in line, you have probably seen that strength training has become more implemented in women’s exercise routine. It has become a norm for women to strength train and lift heavy weights and that is incredible! While some ladies have the confidence to walk to the nearest squat rack and begin piling on weight or pick up heavy dumbbells and do bicep curls, others do not quite have that confidence just yet or simply do not understand the need to lift. Like with anything, you do not have to strength train or do anything you are not comfortable with. This is just to educate you on some benefits that strength training has.

1. Strength training can beneift your physical and mental health! 

There are many ways to sculpt and define your body – cross-fit, yoga, cycling, Zumba classes – the list is never-ending. Weight lifting is one of those ways to lose weight and define your body. While the fear that women would bulk up and become big was a reason why women rarely explored lifting, this myth has been debunked. As a matter of fact, weightlifting can help you lose weight as well! According to Kate Pearson, a coach at Inside Out Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, she claims that weight lifting is a great way to lose fat because of the “after-burn effect. Whilst running burns lots of calories, that process stops when you stop. Lifting weights, however, can help you burn higher calories for up to 72 hours afterward!" 

2. Weight lifting does not only constitute for helping you lose weight, but it also has other great benefits as well! 

It also keeps your bones healthy as it improves bone density. According to Harvard Medical School, “the stress [that] comes from the tugging and pushing on [the] bone that occurs during strength training [– results in] stronger, denser bones.” This is especially important in women as women are more likely to get osteoporosis than men. 

3. Strength training will improve your confidence and have you feeling fantastic!

To put it in simple terms, strength training releases endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good hormones. When you strength train, you release these endorphin hormones, thus making you feel amazing after a workout! Additionally, the more you workout and see these changes in your body, the more proud and happy you will feel for yourself. 

At the end of the day, that should be the point of everything you do. You need to feel empowered and fantastic with every single thing you do. 

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