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Why Kickboxing is the Best Workout for You

If I could name one thing that has changed my life for the better, it’s kickboxing. The health benefits are endless, physically and emotionally. It might be an intimidating hobby to start, but here’s a few reasons why you should put your fear aside.  


1. It’s a full body workout 

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Okay ladies, I know we all look for that one workout that is going to tone our whole body, and going on runs doesn’t always do the trick. Kickboxing is a high-energy, intensive work out that requires you to engage all your muscle groups. Kickboxing consists of different types of punches and kicks, but requires a lot of core engagement.  


2. You learn self defense 

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Nowadays, especially on college campuses, many people feel afraid to walk somewhere alone at night. Although kickboxing classes usually have minimal physical contact, it is important to be educated about what moves would be used in certain situations.  


3. The best stress reliever 

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Just admit it, whenever you are having a bad day, you just want to treat yourself to junk food and Netflix. I cannot stress enough how much kickboxing can lower your stress levels much better than that. Whenever I am having a long day, it actually makes me look forward to my workout even more. I am able to let all my stress and anger out on the punching bag. Not only am I physically letting out my stress, but doing this also clears my mind from whatever I struggled with that day. Kickboxing always flips my bad days around in a heartbeat, especially the encouragement I receive from my class! 


4. Gives a huge confidence boost 

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All of these benefits of kickboxing will raise your confidence higher than it has ever been. Knowing that you are able to defend yourself in dangerous situations reduces anxiety and raises self-esteem. When it comes to stress, we all know that when we are upset, our confidence lowers and we lose motivation. Just doing a 45-minute workout can change that. And lastly, but obviously, when you look good, you feel good. 


Take care of yourself- physically and mentally. 


Melody Benyamin

Illinois State '20

Melody Benyamin is a 20-year-old mass media management major at Illinois State University. Fashion, food, travel, and pop culture are just a few of her passions.
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