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My Favorite FitBit Features

I was recently gifted a FitBit Inspire 2 after never having experience with one before. After wearing it for a week and discovering some of its features, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite ones with you.

Sleep Monitoring

Probably my favorite FitBit feature is that it monitors your sleep when you are sleeping. I always assumed that if I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 9 am that I got 9 hours of sleep. Surprisingly, most people are actually awake or wake up about 5%-15% of the time they sleep- which can amount up to an hour! The FitBit tracks when you wake up, your REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. This has been such a cool feature for me to utilize.

Steps and Calories

One of the main reasons a FitBit interested me was to be able to track my steps and calories burned during a workout. This is a helpful feature and encourages me when I am being fit.


I LOVE that my FitBit shows my notifications. It vibrates and displays any text messages I receive and buzzes and alerts me if I have a phone call. I love this feature because if I’m busy doing something and can’t check my phone, I can just glance at my FitBit to see who texted or called me and if they texted, it shows the message.


I have also loved using the timer on my FitBit. I find myself setting little timers throughout my day whether it be to alert me when to switch my laundry, wake me up from a nap, or when I need to get off TikTok and start doing homework. I love the timer because all it does is vibrate and doesn’t make any loud noises that could startle others.

Other Useful Features

Some other awesome features that I wanted to quickly highlight without going into detail about are obviously the time and date, my FitBit shows my resting heart rate, and there is a mindfulness feature that helps you control your breathing.

Compared to an Apple Watch

I was more interested in a FitBit than an Apple Watch mainly because of the price and in my opinion, the FitBit has a slimmer fit. However, if you have an iPhone, the only notifications that pop up on the FitBit are texts and calls; no Snapchats or other notifications. Also, if you want to set timers on the FitBit, it can only be for how many minutes you want, not an exact time like the Apple Watch. After having my FitBit for a week, these are some of the pros and cons I noticed between an Apple Watch and FitBit. 

I have thus far loved my FitBit Inspire 2 and its useful features that make my daily life a little bit smoother and I would highly recommend it.

Millie Dean

Illinois State '23

HI! My name is Millie and I love writing for Her Campus! I'm a Junior at Illinois State University studying Public Relations and minoring in Graphic Design. My other interests include art, embroidery, thrifting, and photography. I love to be able to be creative in my interests and in my articles on Her Campus. Follow me on Instagram! @milliedean5
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