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I don’t know about you, but this semester is definitely heating up for me. Between all of the projects, tests, assignments and things outside of school, sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in stress. It’s important to manage your stress levels so you don’t end up completely overwhelmed. Here are some ways I have been managing my stress levels this semester.

Take time to exercise

Listen, I know when you’re stressed, it’s hard to find pockets of time to exercise. It’s also hard to find the energy to want to exercise. But, I’m telling you, it will be worth it. Taking a short walk outside or on the treadmill will improve your mood, keep your energy levels up and help you release those endorphins!

take time for yourself

Not only is it hard to find extra time to do anything, but it can be hard to find extra time to simply take care of yourself. Make sure you’re setting apart time to unplug from your daily stressors. Take a day to sleep in. Surround yourself with your favorite things. Do things that make you happy!

eat a healthy diet

Eating junk food is only going to make you feel worse. You need food that is going to sustain you and keep your energy levels high! Don’t limit yourself to not being able to enjoy the foods you love, just make sure you are including healthy foods into your everyday diet.

take it easy on yourself

It can be so easy to be hard on yourself, especially when you’re stressed. Practice positive self-talk and remind yourself that you are not perfect. If you forget an assignment, take a breath and explain it to your professor. We are only human.

get plenty of rest

I know I can be so cranky and stressed when I have not gotten enough sleep. A good night’s rest can make the world of a difference and can improve your mood significantly. Make sure you aren’t staying up ’til dawn to finish an assignment. Prioritize yourself and rest!

As college students, stress is something we all experience. Especially as we are nearing the end of a semester. I know that some of these sound pretty straightforward, but these are tips that we all forget as stress takes over. As we approach finals week, keep these tips in mind. Remember that a grade does not define you!



Alyssa Ginzburg

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