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Fitness – What Motivated Me? 

I have always been interested in fitness – working out and eating healthy. But, I never stuck to a good routine. I am only 2 months into consistently staying with my current routine, but I definitely see myself sticking to this one for a long time. 

A Fitness Partner: I am lucky enough that my sister was just as interested in getting more fit as I was. On the days that I do not want to work out or want to eat super unhealthy, she is always there to give me words of motivation. Even further than that, she reminds me that she is proud that we are sticking to our routine but that we are perfect just the way we are. I am very grateful to have someone to push me to reach my goals. A good alternative to this would be a journal/log to keep yourself accountable! 

Differentiation: I have found that I will stick to a workout plan when I frequently change it up. For example, if one day I use machines to work arms and back, the next arm and back day I will use free weights. Not only is it good for your own interest to switch up your workout routine, but it is also good for your muscles. Your muscles can get used to the same workouts, so changing it up will keep your muscles engaged and continue working harder. 

Rewards: We all love a little reward! Although I have only been consistent for 2 months I have found that rewarding myself here and there has pushed me to want to complete more goals or days engaged. For example, at the end of my first month being consistent, I bought myself a new water bottle! It is something little but gets me more excited to work out. Another example is eating unhealthy food. At the end of the week if I worked hard I will reward myself by ordering one meal out! 

Summer Coming Around the Corner: I find myself every single summer wishing that I started my fitness journey a little bit earlier. This winter something just clicked – it is time to start saying, “I am so glad that I started my fitness journey” and not, “I wish I would have…” This year has had lots of new experiences, why not have fitness be one of them? Sometimes it is just not the time to start your fitness journey, and when it is, you will know. Fitness is physical and mental! 

Everybody is different, my experience may be different than yours. It definitely took me a lot of time to figure out what was going to motivate me to start my journey, and what motivates me may not motivate you. Do not beat yourself up about the “I wish I would have” and start working towards the, “I am so glad that I..” Good luck, you got this! 

Madison Zoot

Illinois State '21

Future Educator! <3