Achieve your Fitness Goals at ISU’s Student Fitness Center

If you love to add variety in your workout routine and you’re looking to get fit in simple ways, then look no further than our own campus gym. ISU’s Student Fitness Center has not only won awards from American School and University magazine, Athletic Business magazine, and Recreation Management magazine for the building itself, but offers many different ways to reach your fitness and weight goals. Their updated gym equipment is always squeaky clean and they offer a wide range of fitness classes, personal training sessions, intramural sports, sport clubs, and even more fitness related activities/events. Best of all, all current fee-paying students are considered members of the Student Fitness Center so that means there isn’t any additional costs each time when entering the gym.

Fitness Classes

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ISU’s Fitness program regularly schedules a bunch of classes that focus on cardiovascular, strength and mind/body training for all members. Some of my favorite cardiovascular classes include Blacklight ride, Cardio Combat, and Zumba. My favorite strength classes are Pilates, Total Body Strength, and HIIT Express. The mind/body classes that are my favorite include Yoga Flow, Restorative Yoga and Mindful Meditation Yoga.

Personal Training Sessions

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The personal training program at ISU's Fitness Center allows members to arrange sessions with a skilled trainer to help reach their personal goals at the gym. The benefits of working out with a personal trainer are endless, from efficiently designed workout schedules to instruction on correct form or technique, who wouldn't want all of this additional help?

Intramural Sports

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This Intramural Sports program at ISU's Campus Recreation allows ISU students and even faculty/staff to participate in recreational sports individually or as a team. Multiple events are offered and can consist of short-term tournaments or weekly leagues that can be men, women, or coed. These activities are designed to satisfy various skill levels, as well as categorized accordingly.

Sport Clubs

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A unique way to get involved in competitive recreational sports can be to join any of ISU's sports club teams. Each Sport Club is run by students, with assistance by the Department of Campus Recreation. These clubs are open to any ISU student of any athletic skill level, but the cuts and costs depend on the specific club.

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Working out the recommended three times a week won’t be as hard as it sounds with incorporating these fun fitness activities in your lifestyle!