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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Now that everyone is starting to get into a routine here on the hill, the rude awakening that we are fully in school again is a bit daunting. Not to mention, now that people are settled in, drama and stress creep in out of nowhere. While we can’t snap our fingers and get rid of the pits in our stomachs that these things give us, I’ve compiled a list of things I do to a least slightly lift some of those icky feelings. 

1. Go for walks

While this is kind of an obvious option, I have recently really been vibing with going on walks outdoors. They’re relieving to do with friends if you feel like you need to vent or get your mind off of something, but also extremely therapeutic to do alone. Not to mention it’s also a great workout and letting your blood flow helps you get out of your head.  

2. Change your scenery

Similar to a walk, getting a change of scenery is CRUCIAL. While Holy Cross is beautiful as a compact campus, sometimes being trapped in the stunning brick adds to your stress. Getting out and about, even if it means going into the city could really give your brain a little reset. This weekend me and my roomie randomly spawned Boston and let me tell you,  it was the most therapeutic thing I’ve ever done in a long time (not to mention spontaneous too!)

3. journaling

Journaling has constantly been a go to of mine. There is something about writing things down on a sheet of paper that makes it feel like part of your stress gets pushed out. This tool is extremely helpful if you aren’t a confrontational person, or just aren’t in the mood to confide in anyone else quite yet. Letting yourself look at your own emotions on a sheet of paper also helps you come to realizations you may not have otherwise. 

4. working out

While working out to de-stress may not be for everyone, it’s a powerful outlet. Some of my best workouts have come from me hitting the gym to de-stress. Not to mention, some of the best workouts are when you aren’t in the mood to workout. The release of endorphins will really give you an emotional refresher, and finishing a workout will make you feel so productive and accomplished. Allowing your brain to focus on your physical activity instead of whatever is stressing you out is such a quick fix.

Charlotte Keane

Holy Cross '24

Charlotte currently a senior Holy Cross who is a co-correspondent of HerCampus for 2023. She is from Connecticut and can't wait to make her mark and contribution to HerCampus HQ her senior year!