Free Workout Resources

With closed gyms and inclement winter weather, it can be hard to find the time and space to workout. Here are some free resources you can access from your phone or computer to get a great workout in whenever and wherever you can!

  1. 1. YouTube

    YouTube is full of all kinds of free workout videos, from the infamous Chloe Ting Ab Challenge to Zumba classes set to One Direction music. Personally, I love Yoga with Adriene’s videos. She is so calming and so helpful. It is definitely a great place for beginners to start practicing yoga!

  2. 2. FitOn

    FitOn is a free app with a bunch of different workouts. They have workouts that’ll fit into anyone’s schedule, no matter how busy. Tanging from 5 minutes long to an hour long, you can definitely find the right video for you. If you miss personal connection, opt for one of its live, virtual classes.

  3. 3. Instagram

    Influencers aren’t always encouraging, however certain fitness influencers are great, healthy motivators. My favorite fitness influencer is @morganleighwillett. She’s a former reality star turned fitness guru. I love how she emphasizes strong over skinny and promotes healthy, realistic nutrition plans and body types. She posts hardcore workouts on Insta that leave me dripping in sweat and feeling like a contestant on “The Challenge.”