I've Changed, But It's Because I Started Believing In Myself

As a college student, I’m in a time of my life that a lot of changes are going on. Between moving to an entirely different state, finding an entirely new group of friends and having a little taste of real independence, life’s been a test of sink-or-swim for a while now. No matter what’s gone on in my life, I’ve always tried to find a way through it.

Through every failure and success, I’ve banked on the idea that no matter what happens, I can learn from any situation I’m put in, no matter the outcome. This has become such a positive mindset for me, and it’s resulted in me becoming more career-driven and ambitious in every area of my life.




I’ve always looked up to some very badass women throughout my entire life. As a kid and through middle and high school, I looked up to Michelle Obama and saw a classy, strong and intelligent woman that wasn’t afraid to make her voice heard to the world around her.

In high school, I remember seeing Carrie Bradshaw for the first and thinking she was the coolest and most iconic writer in history, and that solidified my dream of being a writer in New York and making sure people couldn’t ignore me, not being afraid to question anything that was put in my path.

The thing is, I always looked up to powerful women and dreamt about being that kind of woman. I wanted to be loud, I wanted to question everything and demand respect from everyone and everything. Without realizing it, I became that woman and it’s changed my life.

I’ve changed. But that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.




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I’ve always considered myself to be an intelligent and outgoing person, but I’ve always held back in fear of making others uncomfortable or facing opposition for my ideas. Since I’ve said goodbye to that mindset and started speaking up for the things I believe in.

It makes me sad to think that I was giving into the idea that my ideas and opinions weren’t important, and I know there are so many other women around me that feel the same way. Take it from someone that learned the hard way, everyone’s ideas are important. Your voice deserves to be heard and you are important. Your goals, ideas and ambitions are world-changing and are able to spark a wildfire.



As a communications student, I’ve had to learn the importance of not being afraid to jump into the deep end, no matter how daunting or scary it may be. I’m glad I’ve changed. I used to give in to everything everyone said because I genuinely thought that anything that they came up with was better than anything I could think of.

That isn’t true. It never was true, and it never will be true. Yes, I’ve changed. If anyone thinks that’s wrong, then the real problem is with them, not me. I’m not going into things hoping that I’ll succeed. I will succeed. I am going to make my dreams come true, and I’m throwing myself into the deep end fully knowing that any failure or achievement comes for a reason.

I’m no longer looking up to other strong women as the reason for chasing my dreams. I’m chasing my dreams for me and every other woman that’s afraid to do and say what they believe in.

Real change starts with believing in yourself. Once you do that, you’ll find success in everything you, no matter how big or scary the task may