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How to Eat Healthy During Finals Week

So we all know that finals week and the weeks leading up are hellish. You’re more worried about making sure all of your assignments are submitted and that you’re prepared for the final than you are about what goes into your body. And when you do get some time to rest, you reach for your comfort food or more coffee. I’d hate to sound like your mother, but you are what you eat. 

And by this I mean, putting healthy foods into you body can help to make sure you’re at your best while you’re studying and produce the best results on your final exams. 

Here are some tips to eating healthy so you don’t have to worry about it later.


First Thing’s first… I’m a Realist.

            Food on campus isn’t exactly the best or the healthiest at times so it’s all about knowing where the good food is. The main things you need to remember are:

1.     Try to stay away from overly processed or fried foods.

  •  They may seem like a quick and easy source of energy but in the long run, they’ll make you lethargic and less likely to be on your A game while you’re trying to remember facts and charts to dump back out on the day of your final

2.     Limit your caffeine intake.

  • We all love our coffee, and while we don’t want to admit it, were addicted. By no means am I saying you should quit cold turkey… but maybe stay away from the 3rd, 4th and 5th cups. 
  • Maybe switch to tea and see how that works. While caffeine looks like your best friend you’ll be getting into a fight when you’re jittery and can’t focus because of it.

3.     Eat some damn fruit.

  • Once again I sound like your mom but fruit has really good natural sugars and vitamins that help to keep your body at its peak condition. 
  • They’ll give you more energy in the long run instead of that candy bar calling your name.

4.     Most things are good in moderation.

  •  I’d hate to create a rift between you and your comfort food, so if you’re having a really busy/stressful day, by all means feel free to grab that candy bar and go to town. But maybe don’t keep reaching after you’ve finished it. Instead throw on your favorite show and watch a couple episodes before taking a nap or going to bed early.

5.     Modify these tips to your own habits and try to follow them the best you can.

  • I’m not medically certified, nor do I know how you best perform. Only you know your body well enough to know what to do. So take these tips and use them as guidelines to make some finals studying and eating habits.


6.     Make sure you’re eating enough.

  • Whether you’re a big meal person or you like snacking more, there’s a way to make sure you have enough fuel in your body so you don’t run yourself into the ground.


I’m Good, I’m Good I’m Good I’m Good

            You’re probably wondering where exactly you’ll be able to find these so called “solutions” to the finals diet. And that’s where I come in to help you live life just like you should…


Whether you’re on your way to class or to a full day of studying it’s important to get some food in your body. It’ll help you wake up and provide some fuel for your brain:

Stop by the Student Center and grab yourself some of that healthiness I was talking about earlier:

  Go to the Fruit and Yogurt Bar and grab some of your favorite fruits and top it off with some yogurt and granola. It’s pretty quick and will give you some natural sugars along with some grains (granola).

  Go to the Omelet Station and grab an omelet (egg white or not). Throw some veggies in there and cheese if you want. This will give you a hot meal and some protein and vitamins from the veggies.


            Remember to give yourself time for a short meal in the middle of the day whether it’s big or small. 

If you’re by the Student Center, grab yourself some sushi. It’s pretty quick and easy and will give you enough to refuel your brain so you can go to your next class or back to studying and trying to remember stuff from January

If you’re by Bits, go to Create and build your own salad. Yes, salads may not be the most interesting thing to eat but here you’re able to choose what goes in there…and believe me, it makes a difference.

If you’re by ABP (Au Bon Pain) go and grab yourself one of those premade salads or snack platters or a soup. These are all quick, easy and filling. They’re like the healthy cousin of pizza that every hates to admit they like.


Now dinner is going to be your bigger meal.  It’s a good way to end a day of classes or studying.

            Go to the Student Center and head to Grill’d. Get yourself some salmon or chicken. Pair that with some brown rice, which is a more complex carb than the traditional white rice, and some veggies.

Go to Bits and get a salad. Yes, salad can be a dinner meal too! Some of these creations can get pretty filling depending on what you choose to put in!

Oh, most importantly: Don’t forget your snacks! They can keep you from getting hangry and giving up on your studies.

  • Smoothies
  • Granola and Froyo
  • Hummus Cups
  • Premade Veggies
  • Premade Fruits
Currently a Sophomore at Hofstra University working towards a BA in Journalism, with a minor in Sociology. In the past Clare has worked for the non-profit Plan USA to help run youth advocacy programs and has worked to promote youth governance and youth empowerment in social activism. After graduation, Clare hopes to work for Buzzfeed (fingers crossed) or another online news source. She is looking for her big break in life with the least amount of mistakes on the journey there.
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