How To Boost Your Sexual Confidence

Having sex with a partner or being intimate with someone new can be very intimidating. Building up your sexual confidence will allow you to have a better sexual experience, and it can also help boost your overall self-esteem. Here are some ideas to help improve your level of sexual confidence.

Wear something that makes you feel good

When buying lingerie, it is just as important to feel sexy as it is to be comfortable in what you are wearing. I have definitely bought nice bras and underwear that looked good but were so itchy, I ended up focusing more on my discomfort than the experience. Wear something that YOU feel confident in, whatever that may be.

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Be your own hype woman

It is really important to surround yourself with supportive and loving friends who make you feel good about yourself. Nevertheless, it is equally important to take time and give yourself the love and support that you need. From getting naked and checking yourself out in the mirror to making a playlist that makes you feel like a boss, there are many ways to hype yourself up. Finding a method that works for you can increase your self-esteem and will help you feel more comfortable with yourself.

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Be present

Whenever I feel insecure or begin to compare myself to others, I end up only thinking about my insecurities and have a drastic change in my overall mood. Focusing on what is happening in the moment allows you to enjoy what you are doing instead of being stuck in your thoughts. As someone who also struggles with staying in the moment, I understand that being present is extremely difficult to do at times. However, it is something you can work on and learn to improve. Here are some mindfulness exercises that you can do if you would like to start practicing.

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Regardless of your personal insecurities, you are always worthy of fun and consensual sexual experiences. Gaining sexual confidence is a process that will definitely have its ups and downs but it’s something that is so important to work towards. If you don’t have a lot of confidence, that’s okay: many people (including myself) are probably struggling with the same issues as you are. Confidence isn’t something that you can build overnight. Just be yourself, live your life, and do the best you can.