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5 Dorm Room Exercises

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle is important for every collegiettes’ soul during her college days. There are numerous benefits to exercising such as de-stressing, feeling great about your body image and elevating your mood. To keep a good balance, try having a consistent workout schedule each semester, even if you are super busy.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym there are plenty things that you can do in your dorm room! And with spring break around the corner you’ll want to look good in that new bikini.

1. Cardio workout. If you want that good fat burning cardio, try this burpee workout from Shape Magazine, jumping jacks or mountain climbers.

2. Abdominals. You can do those anywhere, so your dorm room floor shouldn’t be a problem. Tone your middle section with a variety of crunches for your lower, upper abs and oblique’s. A plank challenge is always a winner. Try this one from POPSUGAR Fitness

3. Yoga/ Stretching. If you’re into stretching and yoga, look up a video on YouTube. You can actually find hundreds of free workout videos online. They are perfect for that rainy day when you don’t feel like walking to the gym. Or work on your own vinyasa flow.

4. Upper body. To work out those arms, try some simple pushups. You can also easily do bicep dips with a chair in your room. After all, one of the things we learn in college is to make do with what you already have.

5. Body weight exercises. These are moves you can do with your own body weight: high-knees, butt kicks, jump squats, push-ups, mountain climbers, down-dog to up-dog, leg lifts and supermans. Try following Jen Selter’s advice for getting a better butt in this Cosmo article. 

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