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4 Workout Moves to Get Your Bod Spring Break Ready



So you’ve booked your flight to Cancun. The week is set. You’ve got your itinerary all planned out; basically, the week will consist of beach, pool and some more beach. Now, the only thing left to do is to whip your body in shape before you put on that new bikini.

These four “beach-bod” approved workouts are bound to help you get your body ready for some spring break fun!

First and foremost, these exercises are concentrated on particular muscles in the body. To get you in your best, “spring break shape”, it is recommended that along with these practices, incorporate at least 30 minutes of cardio, whether it be walking around campus outside or even in the Fitness Center’s indoor track or treadmill. This way, you can encompass a total body workout, ideal for maintaining and strengthening your body.

The Sit-Up

Many of us wonder why we don’t see any results in our core after we’ve done one hundred-something sit-ups. Chances are, its because you’re doing it wrong. Doing a complete sit-up can be a little more complicated than we think. Firstly, when doing a sit-up, it is best to do it on a yoga mat so that we can cushion our back. When doing this type of sit-up as instructed, it’s imperative that you relax your neck and remember to breathe!


  • Lay down on your mat, making sure your spine is completely flat
  • Bring your legs to a table-top like position, bent, parallel to the ground
  • Bring your hands clasped behind your head or crossed over your chest
  • Inhale as you lift up, contracting your core, sucking in your stomach pressing into the floor and hold for 5 seconds
  • Release your head as you exhale, keeping your legs up, contacting your abs and lower your head
  • Try 3 sets of 30 with no more than a 2-minute break in between


The Squat

When it comes to the butt, we all know how hard it is to tone that tush! Fortunately, a simple workout like squatting is one exercise that you can practice at the drop of a hat. The results are what make this exercise the exercise.


  • Standing, make sure your feet are 6 inches apart (you can test this by bending and bringing your two fists in between your legs to measure)
  • Standing straight up, bend till your half way, without dropping your body to the ground
  • Keep your butt back and tight as your suck your stomach in and lift your arms up
  • Hold for 10 seconds as your release your arms and stand back
  • Try 3 sets of 30!
  • If you’re really feeling ambitions, grab 3-pound weights and raise them as you squat and hold- a great way to tone those arms, too!

The Push Up

It feels like just yesterday the wrath of taking a physical fitness exam in gym class was one of the most terrifying experiences. But the push-ups were probably one of the best workouts we should’ve practiced!


  • Balancing on all fours, make sure your body weight is evenly distributed without putting pressure on your wrists
  • Make sure your hands are in place under your chest and not spread out too far
  • Be sure your butt is flat and you’re looking 4-feet in front of you.
  • With that, inhale as you lower down and exhale as you lift, making sure you’re sucking your stomach in
  • Try 3 sets of 15! This workout is a great abs and arm strengthening exercise.


Calf Raises

When wearing that little sundress or high-waisted shorts, there’s nothing like having kick-ass sculpted calves to add some spice to your look. Calf raises are an easy exercise that you can do just about anywhere.


  • If you’re trying this in one of the dance rooms in the Fitness Center, grab hold of the ballet bar for balance as you stand straight up
  • Make sure you are standing feet hip-width apart
  • Slowly lift your heels up until you’re standing on your tiptoes
  • Stay up for about a minute, then lower down
  • Repeat for about 3 sets of 20 reps!

It is ideal that you try and workout at least 3 to 4 times a week. The bright side is that these workouts are fun and easy to do in the luxury of your own dorm/bedroom. In staying motivated, it’s always great to bring a friend along with you if you’re heading to the gym. If you’re flying solo, it’s even a good idea to sit down for your favorite Tuesday night TV episode and instead of fast-forwarding, try these 4 exercise during commercials. With dedication and a little sweat, you’ll be beach-bod ready for spring break in no time at all.

And FYI- it may be more beneficial to perform these exercises in front of a mirror- being able to watch your form will improve your workout tremendously! The form is what counts, colliegettes! Let’s get physical!

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