Frightful Fitness

Working out in October is sooo hard. There’s candy, wine and Halloween movies making it really easy to sit on the couch, skip the gym and relax in your Victoria Secret Halloween undies and one dollar Halloween socks. But! The good news is that you don’t need to go to the gym to get moving, all you need is that pumpkin sitting on your front porch. No matter the size, pick up that pumpkin and follow along as I take you through a mini, wicked workout!

Perform each exercise 8-12 times for 3 rounds!

Frankenstein Lunge

Monster Smash!

Raised from the Afterlife

Around The Upside Down

Spooktacular Squats

Ravenous Rowing

Jumping Jack-the-Skeleton

Lucifer’s Lunges!

Now get out and get moving witches!