How to Deal with Spring Semester Stress

Papers, assignments, projects and more consume the lives of college students. They become stressed and everything is coming down to the wire for final grades, graduation, and matriculation. This semester, I, myself have been very stressed for many reasons and have had many mental breakdowns asking myself “why I am doing this?” along with lots of other questions. Stress can have so many effects on the body and I have never experienced this amount of stress or anxiety ever before. Talking with my parents put a lot into perspective and I want to share the same advice, tips, and affirmations to those that feel helpless about school.


You can only go up from here. This is an affirmation that I have put in my reminders on my phone to validate my journey through school and this semester. If you fail that one test or don’t get the grade you expect the next thing you can do is talk to your teacher and see how you can do better. This not only puts a positive light on you as a student but you can gain additional advice and instruction as well.


Failure does not define you. I am the type of person that does not accept failure easily and this semester has been a trying and arduous process for me as a student. Some people have it worse than I do but I consider going from three consecutive semesters making all A’s to now where I am barely holding on with C’s and B’s as a failure and a disappointment. I may not be doing as well as I want to, but I am thankful that I am passing and can still improve. I think it is important to stay positive and continue to work hard but also have fun.

Take a mental health day. I reached my breaking point one day and my mom told me to stop everything I was doing because I was soooo stressed. She said to take a “mental health day.” Being my methodical self I went back to an article I wrote earlier about stress and looked at the ways and tips I suggested for other people to do. One thing I do is take a nap because it just clears your mind for a while and gives you the energy to be productive. The nap made me feel positive and motivated to learn and study.

Listening to music, watching tv or playing on your phone can do wonders; even doing nothing can change your outlook. Sometimes, you might have to change your scenery with something that does not resemble school like a park or going out to have fun. I do not recommend masking your pain and sorrow with alcohol or drugs and though it numbs you for a bit you can potentially hurt yourself.


I am____. I want any and everyone reading this article right now to write an “I am” statement. For example, there is a sticky note on my desk that says “I am a nurse” I have this sticky note to remind me of my goal and purpose for coming to school. I hope that doing this gives people hope to keep going because I am, no matter what.