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I’ve started going to bed earlier lately, and it has been great! I am not naturally a morning person so it wasn’t easy starting to do this. So, I made a list of three ways to start! 


  1. Try to finish your work before bedtime. This might be really hard, but just by having fewer tasks on one day, and then being able to get up early the next day to work some more can be extremely helpful. Putting your easier tasks at the end of your to-do list might help with this too. 

  2. Have things to look forward to the next morning. This one is enjoyable!! If you have a nice breakfast idea or outfit ready for the next day, you might be more excited to wake up and less inclined to put your alarm on snooze. 

  3. Value your sleep. I really enjoy sleeping. It is strange to say, but I am sure a lot of people feel the same way. If you value, or are trying to start valuing sleep, then making time to do it is much easier. It might also help to stick to a consistent time to go to bed and to wake up.  

Feeling well-rested is important! It is important for our memory, concentration and physical health. It might be hard at first but going to bed a little earlier each night is the perfect way to start. I hope you get a good night’s rest! 

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