Free Prescription Drugs for Students

As of January 1, 2018, more than 4,400 prescription drugs will be free for Ontario residents 24 years of age and under.

A new health care new program, called OHIP+, automatically covers most prescription drugs for Ontarians up to the age of 24, regardless of their insurance policies or household income – as long as you hold an Ontario health card, you’re covered!

Native Ontarians who are attending post-secondary institutions outside of Ontario may still be eligible for OHIP+ coverage as well.

According to the Ontario Government, over 4 million people will benefit from OHIP+, making life easier for those of us who don’t have job benefits or are not covered by parental insurance plans.

You can check to see if your prescription is covered by OHIP+ here. Most generic and some brand name drugs are covered, including EpiPens, antidepressants, birth control, and diabetic medications.

In my opinion, antidepressants being included in OHIP+’s coverage is definitely a step in the right direction. Although the stigma surrounding mental health issues has began to erode in recent years, it was a major step to make antidepressants more accessible for young people and cover them in the same way drugs for physical illnesses are. I believe this means that movements such as the Bell Let’s Talk initiative and the Elephant in the Room campaign are truly creating change.

In a similar vein, the coverage provided for birth control is a welcomed and refreshing change from the controversy seen in USA with some companies not covering BC in their health insurance plans.

What a great time to be an Ontarian!