The Five Best Places to Take a Nap on Campus

We’ve all been there: one too many late nights of essay-writing (and Netflix-watching) have finally caught up to you, and you find yourself falling asleep in class. Or maybe you just had back-to-back-to-back classes, but aren’t able to leave campus until after your club meeting that isn’t for another four hours. Or maybe you just really like sleeping. Whatever your reason may be, sometimes you just need a nap. If you’re living in residence, your bed is likely just a five-minute walk away from whatever lecture hall you’re in. However, if you commute to school, you have to get creative. Here are the five best places to take a nap on campus.


1. Booster Juice

If you’ve ever sat on the couches at Booster Juice in between classes, you know how comfy they are. As long as you’re able to look past the strange smoothie stains on the fabric, Booster Juice is a great place for a nap. Even better – you’re only steps away from the UC food court when you wake up and need a post-nap snack.



2. The Bullring

The Bullring is normally busy during the day, but if you’re lucky, you can have a whole couch to yourself. It can get a bit loud sometimes, but if you’re really tired, you probably won’t mind.


3. The First Floor of the Library

The first floor of the library is awful if you’re looking to find a table to sit at, but amazing if you’re looking to take a nap. There are tons of comfy leather couches placed all over the first floor, and they’re rarely used because it’s difficult to get any work done while sitting on them. If you push two chairs together facing one another, they create an awesome makeshift bed.


4. The Science Complex

Similar to the first floor of the library, the atrium of the Science Complex has tons of comfy chairs and couches. If it isn’t too busy, you can have an entire leather couch all to yourself.



5. War Memorial Hall

Let’s be real – you were going to sleep through any class held in War Mem anyways. It might not be the most comfortable, but I’m sure sitting through an hour of listening to someone read PowerPoint slides to you is enough to put anyone to sleep.