5 Ways to De-Stress on Campus

As finals season is rapidly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to handle stress while on campus.

1. Take a Nap

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my undergraduate career thus far, it’s that caffeine is not a substitute for sleep. Whenever I need to squeeze in a nap on campus, my location of choice is almost always the couches near the Booster Juice in the UC. Not only is it tucked out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the food court and main entrances, but there isn’t harsh lighting so you can comfortably drift off for a couple minutes (or hours!).  

Alternate location: I’ve also managed to fall asleep (by accident) during a lecture in War Memorial when I was sitting at the very back on the ground floor. The seats may be unbearable for writing midterms, but they’re not too bad for catching a couple z’s.

2. Indulge in Comfort Food

Head over to Creelman Hall if you want the highest quality of food that UofG has to offer. However, my personal favourite will always be Mountain (you can take the girl outta South, but you can’t take South outta the girl). I usually spring for crepes because they offer a temporarily distraction from the hardships of life.

You can see weekly menus for all hospitality locations on their facebook page.

3. Take a Walk

During study breaks I like to get outside and get some fresh air. Taking long, quiet walks in The Arboretum always make me feel less stressed and rejuvenated. When the weather is cooperating, the scenery is absolutely stunning. I definitely recommend checking it out!

4. Get Active

Working out can help to reduce stress and get your mind off your never-ending to-do lost. You can purchase daily access passes for the Athletic Centre or you can take advantage of your base membership and attend any drop-in recreation sessions.

5. Retail Therapy

The Bookstore usually has tons of sales at the end of the winter semester. Get that cute striped rugby jersey that you’ve had your eye on since the beginning of the year, or try something new and go for that UofG crop top. This option has the added bonus of reinvigorating your school spirit and encouraging you to study hard to get that degree!

Yes, the University of Guelph Bookstore actually sells crop tops, what a time to be alive.