Spring Cleaning Your Space and Life

Little Punxsutawney Phil was unable to find his shadow this past Groundhog Day, so get ready for an early spring. The beginning of the year can be a tumultuous time for many people as we strive to continue to grow into ourselves and our commitments. The best way to open up the doors to a promising season and year is to start fresh. Declutter space, mind, and life so you can plant your intentions in the most fertile soil.Source

Look around your space. What things are collecting dust, getting in your way or just not your style anymore? If anything, in particular, jumps into your mind it may be time to let it go. Donate books, items, and clothes you don't use anymore. They are bound to find a happy home. Clothes you are still waiting for the right time to wear or things you are waiting for a chance to use are the things you should seriously consider tossing. A great rule of thumb is every time you add something into your wardrobe (or home), let another thing go.

Clutter can add unnecessary anxiety and an overwhelmed feeling, especially in your workspace. Clear out your desk. Open up those drawers and thoroughly go through them making the decision then and there to keep or toss what's in them. Sell those textbooks from last semester that are taking up space. File away old papers and notes into a system that works for you. Accordion folders are a great filling option that doesn't take up too much space and allow you to keep all your important paperwork in one spot that's easy to find when you need it. Go ahead and turn on your favorite playlist and take your time cleaning, organizing and maybe a little redecorating once you're done.


Clutter isn't only with physical areas, but your mind and life can be cluttered as well. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your commitments, try to focus on what your biggest priority is and what obstacles are making it difficult to focus on this. As we continue to grow, it’s natural to let go of people, environments and things that no longer have a helpful purpose in our life or even hold us back. Whether that means clearing out who you follow on Instagram, working to break old habits or even adding more time for things that make you happy, do what is necessary for you to continue to grow. Value your time and energy. Not everyone and not everything is worth your time. Save your best for what you care about the most.


Decluttering shouldn't just be yearly. Whenever things seem to become too overwhelming, reconsider the things you allow into your life. Let's all try to work on closing old doors and opening newer, brighter doors this spring and the rest of the year.