How Brands Continue to Stay Relevant

Many makeup companies are taking the fast-paced changes in technology and social media into their own hands to promote their businesses and products today. A couple of years ago, companies depended on celebrities and influencers to promote and advertise their products. Today, it is a different ball game that many corporations are recognizing.

Companies now have easy access to thousands of personalities on YouTube and other various streaming networks. We see this today with influencers such as Jackie Aina, Alissa Ashley, James Charles and thousands of other individuals with a high following. Small and large businesses now expect an exponential increase in sales from a simple post on Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram showing influencers endorsing their products. Many companies are also using strategic public relations as a form and means to reach out to the everyday consumer.

Photo Credit: Youtube: Alissa Ashley

The use of PR packages, frequent social media interaction, and campaigns such as teaming up with makeup and beauty bloggers for collaborative collections has allowed companies to expand their audience. YouTubers and those with a prominent following receive free products in exchange for publicity and honest reviews.

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Companies are strategically placing their newly-launched products into the hands of beauty influencers in order to reach out to a bigger audience. News given by word of mouth is the most potent form of publicity today, and credible influencers/celebrities promoting your brand is advantageous.

Social media has also played an enormous role in branding and marketing. Makeup brands such as Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit Cosmetics have taken steps to assemble marketing and public relation teams to address customer problems and even interact with them about new product releases and opinions floating around on every platform.

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The tradeoff of product for publicity is much more effective than just releasing your product in stores and expecting people to buy it in abundance. You must appeal to the public with people that are relatable to them and relatable to their spending habits.


If it were not for the use of strategic publicity in the media, many companies would struggle in reaching broader audiences in today’s fast-paced society. The marketing and public relations industry has changed rapidly, but for the better. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can now market their products without paying for high-cost advertisement rates. All it takes is the right person to post and give your brand positive exposure.