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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

Self-Care contributes to your total well-being and your mental health. Self-care can take the form of just relaxing in the house catching up on your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu or treating yourself to a spa day and support local businesses. Here are a few things you can do to hit reset and relax your mind.


Yoga retreat:

Yoga retreats are an underappreciated way to help realign your mind, body and soul. This is a perfect way to get away for a day or a week (depending on the retreat) and have food provided for you, relaxing saps, morning meditation sit is and, of course, yoga. Practicing yoga can distract you from your worries while forcing yourself to be in the moment of relaxation and serenity.


Wine tasting:

A wine tasting is a great way to break away from your busy day-to-day routine and de-stress. There is no better way to put your mind at ease than to sit back and enjoy the decadent flavors of the finest wines.



Exercising throughout the week can be difficult if you are not on a sports team, but even cutting out 30 minutes of your day to be active can increase your productivity. Working out can help refresh your mind and keeps your body healthy. We all know that going to the gym may not be the most entertaining activity, unless you’re into that. Other ways to to make your workout regimen more enjoyable include dancing, boxing and bike riding.


Try a new food:

Food can be a means of communication through cross-cultural exchange. Breaking bread is a great way to learn about a culture you may not be familiar with. You could bring a friend who may be a part of that culture or simply bring them along to learn with you.


Take pictures (of nature or yourself):

This self-care example takes “stop and smell the roses” in a literal sense. Taking time out of your day to observe the beauty that nature has to offer can be a breath of fresh air. Also, flowers make great backgrounds for photos if you need to get your Insta game up!


Face masks:

There are so many face masks that target different problem areas. For example, there are masks that help if your face is too dry, too oily, or if you just need a quick hydration boost! Be sure to do your research by looking up ingredients and reviews on the product.

Diffuser with essential oils:

Aromatherapy is said to promote psychological well-being. A healthy mind will also improve physical and mental well-being. Diffusers are fairly inexpensive with prices ranging from around $10-$35. Some have features including mood lighting and beautiful designs. Some of the best oils to use include lavender oil to help you sleep, lemon and peppermint oil for invigoration, and eucalyptus oil to make you feel like you’re at the spa!

Raylyn Robinson is a junior at Georgia State University majoring in journalism with a minor in public policy. She is involved with The National Association of Black Journalists and on the executive board of QSS and STAR Millennials on Georgia State’s campus. Robinson is a content contributor with Ja Gurl TV while maintaining an editorial internship with an online magazine. She hopes to become a news anchor or immersing herself in the public relations field. Robinson is expected to graduate from Georgia State in May 2020. When she is not trying to advance herself in the field of journalism, she loves watching YouTube videos and comedy films.
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