Healthy Snacks to Get You Through The Day

No one likes to hear their stomach rumble in the middle of a lecture. But you don't have to be stuck in a bind waiting till class gets out!  Here are a few simple and healthy ways to snack throughout the day.


Homemade smoothies can be a great source of vitamins and nutrients without the added sugars you usually find in smoothies from stores like Smoothie King.

The great thing about smoothies is the variety! Sweet, tangy, bitter, tart- whatever you like, you can make. Pinterest has a ton of recipes and tips to build better smoothies.


Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt, granola and fruit. Such simple ingredients alone but together they make a tasty trio. Reach for plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt to avoid unnecessary sugars.

Granola adds that perfect texture, but if granola isn't you, a great substitute is a whole grain cereal such as Special K.

Finally, top it all off with a fruit of your choice. You can add a drizzle of agave or honey for a little extra sweetness!


Cheese and Apples

Probably the easiest snacks listed here--cheese and apples.

A perfect sweet and savory balance without lethal amounts of sugar or salt! Grab some string or cubed cheddar cheese and slice up an apple for a snack rich in flavor, protein and fiber. This superfood-packed snack should keep you satisfied for a while.


Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats are almost as simple as the name implies. Steel cut oats, your choice of milk, fruits, and seeds. The fun part about overnight oats is the almost endless possibility of flavors. Mix together the ingredients, put them in a covered container and place them in the fridge. In the morning you have a quick and filling breakfast already made!


Crackers and Dip

Chicken salad, egg salad, turkey salad, or tuna salad--the list goes on.

All of these choices are a great source of protein. Pair it with some Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers for a crunchy and smooth snack. Crackers and dip are way easier to munch on when you are on the go.


Trail Mix

A classic snack filled with heart-healthy fats and carbs to give you just enough of a boost to make it through the day.

For the healthiest trail mix, stick to nuts such as cashews and almonds, dried fruit, and granola.

If health is not your goal and you are craving a salty-to-sweet snack, pretzels, popcorn and pieces of dark chocolate are a decadent alternative.


These are just a few healthy snacks, but the options are truly endless. From almonds to unsalted popcorn to fruits and veggies there is an on-the-go snack for every taste and lifestyle.