Are You Well? Preserving Your Mental Health in Your Twenties

It is one thing to walk around campus like you own the place, but, are you really okay? Mental health is something that is widely talked about more than ever, but in college it can sometimes be a little difficult to keep that conversation going.

Aside from the hyperactive student involvement, situationships, fully loaded courses, friend groups and just wanting to be in the know, we sometimes have a way of putting our mental health on the back burner. Seriously, when is the last time someone asked you, “are you well?”. If you cannot account for that, here’s how to know if you need to do your own mental health check before engaging in more social activities.

You are burned out at the thought of being involved.


It’s rarely said but sometimes, you just don’t want to be involved and that’s okay! But does it get to a point where you dread going events because there are just too many things happening at once? If so, we feel you! Don’t ever feel bad for having to take time away from things, including the things and people that you love!

I’m sure we have all heard of the saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and by being in undergrad, this is the truth! Take a step back if needed and find healthy ways to clear your mind.

No sleep gang has you messed up.


Okay so, working all day and night actually isn’t the healthiest thing to do. This shouldn’t be a shocker but some of us never adhere to the fact that you actually do need eight hours of sleep minimum to properly function throughout the day. If you are surrounded by people who are convincing you that sleep is for the weak...slowly remove them from your close proximity.

Being mindful of people who don’t encourage the best parts of you will have you strained and at a loss of self. Make up your mind that rest does equate to success and having both is possible.

Your energy is lower than normal.


You think that it isn’t the all nighters, the 12 cups of coffee or the fact that you are probably juggling two jobs while maintaining your stellar class schedule. But in reality, it is all of those things and more. When you notice that your energy is low and that you can barely keep your eyes open, close the books, put the phone on “do not disturb” and get some shut eye.

If you are a caffeine lover, replace the strong coffee with tea and get to bed at a decent time. The friends, parties and sometimes classes can wait because the work will always be there. When it comes to things affecting your health, you have to put yourself in first place!

You have no desire to finish classes.


Okay so this is outside of your normal, “I don't want to go to class” and instead has reached a level that you have never felt before. If you ever begin to feel that you are slowly opting to skip class, sleep in later than usual and skip a few meals, it’s time to talk to someone. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help and ending that stigma has to start with us.

As a college student, you are granted so many things outside of campus activities and student involvement. At Georgia State specifically, you have the option to visit to counseling center to not only talk to someone but to get assigned someone who identifies with your needs. The counseling center also offers you external resources if you feel like you need further help. Don’t think that you can go alone? Ask a trusted friend to go with you because you are not in this by yourself!


Again, are you well? Are you doing okay? If not, take your life back and start with your mental health! You are not going to reach your full potential if you are not honest and upfront with yourself about the things that you are facing. Again, if you are a Georgia State student who needs to take some first steps please visit our on campus counseling center.