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5 Exercises for Acheiving Your Spring Break “Hottie Body”

Hello Collegiettes! Spring break is on the horizon and we all know, we can’t wait to take a break from the books, get out and have some fun. Like many college students, spring break is the time to unwind at the best place in the world: the beach.  However, do you feel like your “hottie body” is not ready for the beach yet? Well, here are 5 quick exercises that you can do to tone your body right before your fun in the sun.

1. Push-up – This is one of the easiest ways to tone your stomach and your legs. The upward force tones the arms and the horizontal position helps strengthen the legs.

2. Crunches – If you want that flat belly, this is the exercise for you! Lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground, so that your knees are facing the sky. Then place your hands behind your head and pull your body up towards your thighs. This workout builds abs fast and will make that muffin top disappear!

3. Squat – This move is classic! Spread your legs about shoulder length apart from each other. Then bend your knees as if you were about to sit in a chair. Make sure you dont squat past your knees because it can cause injury. You should only bend down far enough to form a 90 degree angle with your legs. Lastly, lift up so that you are in the starting position and repeat. Squats won’t only give your booty a nice lift, but it also tones your thighs as well.

4. Cardio – Running is great for the heart, Literally! This tones your whole body from head to toe.

5. Forearm plank – Lay horizontally as if you were beginning to do a push up. Instead of your palms on the ground and your arms extended upward, place your forearms on the ground. This vertical motion builds the arms and also tones the chest.

With each of these workouts, make sure to stretch before and after, and stay well hydrated. Show off your new hottie bodies this Spring break and have fun! Stay fabulous my dears!

Brooklynne Hart is a journalism major at Georgia State University. Besides Her Campus, she is also involved in PrimeTime Sportz, which is a sports newscast for Georgia State, where is a reporter. Brooklynne is also apart of many leadership programs on campus including Panther LEAP and also QSS.
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