How Crossfit Changed My Life

I started Crossfit in January of 2020 and while I was forced to take some breaks (thanks COVID), nothing has changed my life more. I recommend trying out a class at least once in your life, whether you are already going to the gym several times a week or are brand new to fitness.

  1. 1. I got SO much stronger

    Crossfit workouts are the same for everyone regardless of age or gender. There are ways to modify the workouts for your skill level, but there's no way the coach will let you give an excuse. When I started, I had very little upper body strength and would cringe at workouts with pull-ups in them, but I was always given a different exercise to help me get there!

    Woman deadlifting
  2. 2. I found so many female role models

    Crossfit is one of the most egalitarian sports. Men and women do the same workouts, win the same prize money, and recieve the same amount of screen time during the Crossfit Games. Watching women push themselves hard, lift heavy, and run for miles in weighted vests is inspiring. It is so nice to be surrounded by women who focus on what their bodies are capable of rather than what they look like.

    three women on the floor working out
  3. 3. I gained confidence in my body

    As mentioned earlier, Crossfit focuses on what the body is capable of rather than what the body looks like. It's hard to hate your legs when they just got you a personal best squat.

    women with different body types
  4. 4. I gained confidence in the gym

    Crossfit throws so many things at you, that most gyms require you to take a brief training class to become comfortable with the movements. After a few months of workouts, I became comfortable with many weight lifting movements, core movements, and developing workouts for myself. 

Crossfit can be intimidating, especially when you don't have a history of working out, but there are so many great benefits that come from Crossfit and can change you for the better both mentally and physically!